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America is Sick, and Empathy is the Cure

Our political landscape has deteriorated into a toxic battleground fought on by two parties that have become polar opposites. Once that ‘R’ or ‘D’ flashes on the screen next to a person’s name most people’s minds go straight to “ally” or “enemy.”

Is there any forum left where well-meaning people who strongly support one party are willing to truly listen to someone who sees things differently, and possibly change their views? Until recently I wasn’t sure. Then I found myself in a room full of conservatives.

When Being Trans Also Makes You Gay — And Why Our Obsession with Labels Provides a Platform for Hate

Labels are a powerful aspect of language. They can be useful, but they can also be the source of harm. They can help us understand concepts and find community, but when they’re given too much weight they pose a threat to unity, love and our advancement as a species.

Recent events have demonstrated some of the ugly reverberations stemming from unhealthy fixations on labels within the LGBT+ community, and I share an interesting effect they’ve had on my personal journey to become myself.

Dear Parents: Don't Imprison Your Children In Your World

You are responsible for your children, their wellbeing and their upbringing. But it's not your job nor your right as a parent to filter your child's worldview so that they wind up as amplifiers of your own perspective, goals and values.

We can either help our children become well-adjusted, benevolent, free-living humans with great attitudes, or we can contaminate their experience with the negative parts of our own and ensure at the minimum that they start off at a disadvantage.